Notes on the Creditor Information System

Up-to-date information on insolvency proceedings is available in the creditor information system. If you are a creditor in an insolvency proceeding and have filed one or more claims for inclusion in the table, you can inform yourself of the current status of your claim(s) in the creditor information system.


You need your own PIN to access protected information. You were notified of the PIN together with the request to file your claim.



You as a creditor may inform yourself about the actual stage of the proceedings.


Access to the system: Creditor Information System

You do not know your PIN?

If you are a creditor in an insolvency proceeded that started prior to 2006 and/or have not received a PIN, proceed as follows:

  1. Follow the link Creditor Information System and enter the desired insolvency proceeding in the "Search" empty field and click the search button.
  2. Make your selection from the proceedings that are now shown.
  3. A page with general information on the proceeding that you have selected will then open. Please click on the register card "My Claims".
  4. There, you have the option "Request PIN". Proceed as follows.


  • the creditor name
    (your surname or company name according to the filing; if legal representatives are searching for information, the name of the client),
  • the postal code/zip code, and
  • the exact amount of the claim
    (if you have filed several claims, please state the aggregate amount of all filed claims),

    your PIN will be displayed.


  1. Make a note of the PIN for further inquiries.
  2. Your PIN enables you to enter the protected area and view the status of your filed claim(s), information on the case, reports, documents, etc.


Filing a claim in writing

Alternatively, you can download and print out a PDF form to file a claim. You can then send it to us by post or by fax.