Instructions for the Creditor Information System

The Creditor Information System provides you with up-to-date information on insolvency proceedings. If you are a creditor in insolvency proceedings and have filed one or more claims in the insolvency schedule, you can find out about the current status of your claim(s) there.


To get access to your protected information, you need to create an account for the Creditor Information System and a personal PIN. This PIN was sent to you with the request to file a claim.



As a creditor, you can find out about the status of current insolvency proceedings here.


Access to the system: Creditor Information System

You don't know your PIN?

If you have not received, lost or forgot your PIN, please contact, naming the insolvency proceedings, the creditor's name and the amount of the claim.


Filing of a claim in writing

Please note that filing a claim via the Creditor Information System alone is not sufficient but the filing of the claim in writing is required. At the end of your registration you will be asked to download a PDF. You can send this to us by mail or fax.